Heat Wave Instant Hand Warmer

Heat Wave® by Bent Grass Concepts. The reusable hand warmer.

Instant warmth for up to 2 hours. Order 2 to extend portablity or 1 for each hand. DO NOT MICROWAVE.

   Made in U.S.A.              Watch Demo Video

1.  ACTIVATE             2. INSERT          3. RECHARGE



1.  Press and release metal activator button inside pack to begin crystallization process.

2.  Squeeze pack until soft and flexible.

3.  Insert between layers of Turtle Gloves or Turtle Gloves Reversible Scarf.


1.  Fully submerge and boil pack until crystals are completely dissolved.

-  protect pack from pot with towel or high temperature silicone colander

2.  Cool to room temperature before re-activating.

-  you will gain heat benefit immediately after boiling pack before it needs to be reactivated.

3.  Store in liquid form for best results; Recharge prior to storing for long periods.



Wear Turtle Gloves or Reversible Scarf such that the thinnest fabric is between the Heat Wave pack and the part of the hand or body where heat is desired. While all Turtle Gloves styles are warm and cozy with and without the Heat Wave pack, the styles with a combination of Fleece and Suede Cloth (or other fabric) offer the best heat transfer to the skin and the secondary fleece layer helps to maintain the heat inside the glove for longer periods. 

REMEMBER: You can switch hands or reverse Turtle Gloves for desired fabric placement.

 Heat Wave® is a Registered Trademark of Bent Grass Concepts LLC


Heat Wave Instant Hand Warmer
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