TURTLe-FLIP, Running Mittens, WINTER Midweight




... the TURTLe-FLIP® MITTEN with Patented Functionality

Easy to use on the run! Perfect for outdoor fitness and other activities. 

ADULT SIZES: Small,  Medium,  Large/XL

      Most WOMEN wear SMALL,  Most MEN wear MEDIUM,  LARGE=Men's XL

FALL & SPRING LIGHTWEIGHTS recommended for running down to freezing temperatures or for driving, indoor work, computer etc.

WINTER MIDWEIGHTS recommended for everyday use and for running below freezing temperatures. (Recommended to about 25F, tested as low as 15F by runners.) Soft inside and out.

'WINTER TRAIL' versions are abrasion resistant fabric; hardface on the outside, soft on the inside and a little wind resistant.

 ----------  HYPER-FUNCTIONAL  ----------

Curiously Engineered for Function

ALL-IN-ONE: Convertible Mittens - Fingerless Gloves - Arm Warmers - Wrist Band - Layer

Low-bulk flip-over design -

--- No cumbersome mitten piece to get in the way

--- No buttons, magnets or hook & loop

Like Options?...Cover only fingers or only thumb or use full mitten, as needed


American-made Technical Fabric; 53% Polyester, 38% Nylon 9% Spandex 

Machine Wash Cold. Tumble Dry Low or Hang Dry. 

Do not Bleach. Do not Dry Clean. Do not use Fabric Softener.


Turtle-Flip: Convertible Mittens/Fingerless Gloves/Arm Warmers
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